The 2024 Barclay Simpson Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide: In-house Legal & Company Secretarial

In 2024, the in-house legal and company secretarial (Co-Sec) recruitment markets are challenged by talent shortages and economic fluctuations. However, sectors like insurance and fintech remain robust. There has also been a trend in rising private practice salaries which has impacted in-house salary expectations and talent supply. It’s vital for employers and professionals to stay informed and navigate these challenges effectively.

Our latest report, The 2024 Barclay Simpson Salary Survey & Recruitment Trends Guide: In-house Legal & Company Secretarial, offers in-depth insights into in-house legal and Co-Sec trends, providing information about current salary offerings. This will help you make informed career decisions or attract leading talent with competitive offerings.

By viewing the report, you will gain insights into:

  •  Recruitment challenges facing both permanent and contract legal and company secretarial positions  
  • New industry insights e.g., private practice salaries and diversity  
  •  Post-pandemic attitudes towards flexible working  
  • Trends and changes in benefit offerings 
  • Up-to-date legal and company secretarial salary offerings in your sector 

View our report here: 

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