UK companies need to work harder against security threats

Companies in the UK are getting better at combating cyber security threats but more needs to be done to ensure they stay safe.

With cyber security becoming a recognised challenge for businesses, many are stepping up their defences in order to tackle the issue.

This was the overriding message from a report from PwC, titled the Global State of Information Security Survey, which stated that 81 per cent of businesses have adopted some kind of information security strategy.

Indeed, UK businesses are quick to spot problems as the amount of cyber security incidents reported in the country over the last 12 months is three times the global average. When uncovering an issue, 64 per cent of employees report directly to the board or the chief executive officer.

Yet the volume of issues reported could be an indicator of how big a target the UK is for cyber criminals, meaning that there is more pressure on companies in the country to stay ahead of security breaches.

With changing technologies, such as moving into the cloud or adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies, this challenge is only going to get more difficult as PwC recognised.

Cyber security partner at PwC Grant Waterfall: “As cyber threats evolve, it is critical that organisations rethink their security strategy so that it is integrated with business needs and strategies and is prioritised by top executives. Collaboration with others to improve security has become a key way to gain knowledge of dynamic threats and vulnerabilities.”

In recent times, companies have had to turn their attention to a wider range of devices when implementing a strong cyber security strategy. As businesses see the costs and productivity benefits of adopting BYOD policies, they are also finding that they need to adapt to cyber threats directed at tablets and smartphones as well as laptops and PCs.

PwC pointed out that while businesses across the world have been keen to adopt BYOD they do carry “elevated security risks” but that many have not adapted their processes accordingly. To keep a business protected, improvement in this area is vital.