Top five reasons to use a recruitment agency

Top five reasons to use a recruitment agencyLooking for a new job can be a daunting prospect, with so many avenues of potential leads available and a great deal resting on CVs and applications.

However, there is also the factor of competition to take into account. In the 21st century jobs market, there are likely to be high numbers of people going for the same positions, particularly if they are sought-after graduate jobs.

It’s essential to stand out in order to stand any chance of success – and this might be why it’s time to seek help from a recruitment agency if you’re currently thinking of taking the plunge and looking for new work.

Here are the top five advantages of using such a service.

1.       They have access to scores of roles

Since many organisations now don’t want the hassle of having to advertise themselves, they use recruitment agencies to do it – and that means they have access to a much wider range of jobs than you’d be able to find in your own research time. They could even put you in touch with businesses you have never even heard of – and they may just turn out to be the ones that provide great careers opportunities. What’s more, they tend to know firms in niche sectors, so they have options even for jobseekers who think there might not be much available to them.

2.       You only need to apply once

There’s no two ways about it – applying for jobs is an extremely time-consuming business. Although email speeds up the process of sending off CVs compared to having to post them, it’s still necessary to look up addresses, tweak covering letters and much more. With a recruitmentagency, you only need to send your details in once and the experts there will ensure everything gets sent off to a range of different organisations.

3.       They can offer you temporary work

Temporary or contract work often gets a bad press among jobseekers, who tend to want to hold out until they find their dream full-time role, but the reality is that it can be very useful. There isn’t just the financial situation to take into account, but the fact that relevant temping can offer you vital work experience with which to up your skills. Recent High Fliers research showed most organisations now won’t even consider candidates if they haven’t had work experience, so temping could give you an opportunity to beat the competition. What’s more, a part-time role might even lead to a permanent position.

4.       Recruitment consultants have lots of extra insight

Don’t just view recruitment agencies as elaborate jobs’ boards, because the consultants they employ can offer a range of expertise on all manner of things jobseeking-related. They will know about the companies on their books and so can help you to do the research necessary for the interview stage, plus they can help you with interview preparation in general so you’re not a bag of nerves. For instance, they can provide pointers on what particular CEOs will look for so you’ll know what skills to demonstrate. And if your interview technique isn’t particularly good, consultants can provide pointers and feedback that will allow you to improve – even if it has come from a panel of interviewers and you’re not particularly keen on hearing it.

5.       They will do the legwork for you

Following up on CV send-outs can also be time-consuming, but you won’t have to do this with a recruitment agency. They will chase up interviews or feedback on your behalf, as well as performing a range of other administrative tasks. This leaves you free to do extra research and reading, or ensure you remain dedicated to your current role – which is important seeing as most people need to look for new positions while already employed.

Using a recruitment agency should boost your chances of landing your dream job – and you can be assured that they will always have your interests at heart.ADNFCR-1684-ID-801785317-ADNFCR