Tips to getting noticed in the risk management sector

Tips to getting noticed in the risk management...With a career in risk management being a popular choice for many high-flying graduates, it is crucial to make sure you stand out from the crowd when applying for attractive graduate positions.

Here are some ways to help boost your chances and secure that first dream job within the sector.

Pay attention to your CV and application

It can never be said too many times, check and double-check that you have a professional and error-free CV. It is the chance to make that first impression so make it a good one.

Make social media work for you

Social media is very much the ‘in-thing’ at the moment and it can be used for more than just tracking old school friends or keeping up with acquaintances.

Ensure you have an up-to-date Linkedin profile and that you have connections with the relevant recruiters in the risk management sector. The advantage of Linkedin is that it allows you to list all your qualifications and skills in one place so provides a good way to stand out. Joining networks in the relevant area can also help lead to some insider info on which companies are planning to recruit and what they are looking for when taking on entry-level staff.

Another way to find out about the latest job opportunities is to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook announcements by key employers in the risk management sector. Following such firms can also help to provide you with plenty of information to discuss if you make it through to the interview stage.

Social media is also a great way of getting the word out that you are looking for a new opportunity. A friend of a friend may know of an ideal position or an internship role that could provide that all important first step into the job market.

Boost your skills

Take a critical look at your CV and assess whether there are any gaps in your experience. The latest research from Barclay Simpson shows that many financial service firms are reporting a skills shortage in key areas so it may be worth taking an extra course to impress potential recruiters.

Contact local universities or colleges to see if they offer anything related to your chosen field. Showing a commitment to improving your knowledge is an attractive trait that employers look for. Of course, it doesn’t always need to be something directly related to work, but consider something that interests you and could be a good talking point at interview. One option could be to learn a new language if you are looking at firms that have offices overseas.

Practice for interviews

It is a good idea to practice some general ability, numeric or verbal reasoning tests, aptitude tests and personality tests as these are often used missing word? key risk management companies in the first stage of the recruitment process. Having an idea of what to expect will help ensure you make it through to the next round of interviews.

Become more experienced

Many companies offer good work experience placements that could lead to a position in the long-term. Consider applying for an internship to help make valuable contacts within the industry and learn more about what working in the risk management sector entails.

If you can’t find a relevant work experience opportunity then consider getting experience in other areas, which could demonstrate transferable skills. Showing a commitment to a local community or charity project could help boost your attractiveness to potential recruiters.

Make a good impression

Invest in some good interview clothes so you look professional. It may be worth enlisting the help of a personal shopper to pick out some key items to create that all important first impression.

Interviews can be a nerve- wracking experience so it is always good to do some preparation work. Make sure you know where the venue is and consider doing a practice run so that you know how long the journey will take. Turning up late would certainly not be the best way to secure that much-wanted role.

Remember your social media impression – it is likely that your prospective employer will no doubt Google your name, so make sure your Facebook page is not too revealing and it may be worth double-checking your profile security to limit any photos that do not present you in a reliable and professional light.

Be realistic

Finding a job can be very difficult, especially a graduate position when there are lots of really strong applicants. It is important to be realistic when sending off CVs and applications and make sure you apply for jobs that suit your ability and qualifications.ADNFCR-1684-ID-801776769-ADNFCR