Head of Internal Audit

I was approached by Barclay Simpson for a Head of Internal Audit role. I wasn’t looking at the time, but the initial call was enough to get me interested and I decided to engage with the rest of the process after I was provided with a written brief and had a follow up call to answer my questions and undertake initial screening. I then attended Barclay Simpson for an interview which was very thorough but conducted professionally and with a degree of humour. I felt like they were making a real effort to get to know me as person, rather than just checking facts on a CV. I was selected for the shortlist and thereafter was supported by Barclay Simpson throughout the rest of the process, which required a lot of input from them as the recruitment process had a number of stakeholders in different locations and communication and coordination was an issue. We got there in the end; I was offered the role and was again supported by Barclay Simpson throughout the negotiations to a successful conclusion. The whole process was calmly managed with a lot of time spent by Barclay Simpson on making sure that everyone knew what was going on and that the process kept on moving forward. All very well done.