The 2024 Barclay Simpson Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide

Over the past year we’ve witnessed the end of the remarkable ‘hot’ recruitment cycle that so characterised 2021 and 2022. This slowing down of the recruitment market was a natural expectation following such an intense period. But it has been accompanied by high levels of uncertainty caused by political and economic factors both here in the UK and internationally.

However, all is not lost. The market is resilient and 2024 promises to be dynamic and full of opportunities for those who look ahead.

Read our 2024 Barclay Simpson Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide for more insights into the major employment trends shaping the markets in which you operate, and for up-to-date information on current salaries across your discipline and industry.
We have designed it with your professional needs in mind, so you can make informed choices about your next career move or attract great professionals and build leading teams with competitive salary offerings.

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