The 2022 Barclay Simpson Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide

Win the war for talent by navigating the current recruitment trends in your sector

We live in extraordinary times. The recruitment market that we have seen develop since September 2020, when people started to look beyond the pandemic, is the culmination of many unique factors combining to remarkable effect. The knock-on effect for the recruitment market, employment opportunities, business growth and salaries is profound.

Deferred recruitment decisions are now being actioned, economic growth is generating new opportunities and companies are replacing EU employees who have returned to their home countries. Furthermore, as people change jobs, there is considerable “churn” in the market, with companies seeking to back-fill positions.

In our latest report, The 2022 Barclay Simpson Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide, we provide a review of the major employment trends across the markets in which our community members work, and up-to-date information on current salaries across these disciplines.

By reading this report, you will gain an understanding of:

  • The war for talent: current labour market trends
  • Insights and impacts on contract recruiting
  • Changing attitudes to employment policies
  • Current salary, bonus and benefits trends

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