The 2022 Barclay Simpson Risk Management Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide

Win the war for talent by navigating the current risk remuneration trends

“Risk recruitment is really busy. It’s been ramping up probably for the last two to three years to the highest point that we’ve perhaps seen in 10 to 12 years,” says Josh Lawson, Associate Director of UK Risk & Treasury at Barclay Simpson.

In addition to broader, national employment trends in the UK, risk management hiring is also being affected by various political, economic and social factors that are specific to the profession making skilled talent hard to come by. In our latest report, The 2022 Barclay Simpson Risk Management Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide, we provide a review of the major employment trends across the markets in which our risk community members work, and up-to-date information on current salaries across these disciplines.

By reading this report, you will gain an understanding of:

  • Factors impacting hiring in risk
  • Permanent risk recruitment trends
  • Contract risk recruitment trends
  • Salary and bonus trends
  • Current salaries for risk roles

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