The 2022 Barclay Simpson Compliance & FinCrime Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide

Win the war for talent by navigating the current Compliance and Financial Crime remuneration trends

The permanent compliance & FinCrime recruitment market is extremely active, with high numbers of vacancies and employers facing ongoing difficulties in finding the skilled candidates they need. As a result, starting salaries are increasing across the board.

In our latest report, The 2022 Barclay Simpson Compliance & Financial Crime Salary & Recruitment Trends Guide, we provide a review of the major employment trends across the markets in which our information compliance & FinCrime community members work, and up-to-date information on current salaries across these disciplines.

By reading this report, you will gain an understanding of:

  • Factors impacting hiring compliance & FinCrime
  • Permanent compliance & FinCrime recruitment trends
  • Contract compliance & FinCrime recruitment trends
  • Salary and bonus trends
  • Current salaries for compliance & FinCrime roles

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