Recruitment Market Insights – Internal Audit & Assurance 2023

The recruitment market for internal auditors in 2023 is a stark contrast to the highly active markets of 2021 and 2022. Post-COVID-19 ups and downs, global events and economic shifts have made the internal audit recruitment environment volatile.

Our Recruitment Market Insights – Internal Audit & Assurance 2023 report offers a clear picture of this evolving scene. It sheds light on the driving forces behind current internal audit recruitment trends and the wider implications for businesses from Q1 2018 to Q3 2023.

By viewing the report, you will gain insight into:

  • How the workplace landscape is changing for auditors.
  • Demand trends for internal audit roles in 2023.
  • Trends impacting the movement and choices of audit professionals.
  • Upcoming skills in auditing, with a spotlight on the rising demand for IT Auditors.
  • Employer trends on salaries and the primary challenges they face in recruitment.

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