Recruitment Market Insights – Cyber Security & Data Privacy 2023

The cyber security job market in 2023 is a mix of rapid change, global events, and an ongoing skills shortage. Businesses recognise the need to address cyber security and data privacy issues and are keen to bolster their teams, both with permanent staff and contractors. Yet, navigating the skills shortage and securing top talent continues to prove challenging.

Our Recruitment Market Insights – Cyber Security & Data Privacy 2023 report untangles these complexities. It spans trends from Q1 2018 to Q3 2023, providing a clear look at the forces shaping the sector.

By viewing the report, you will gain insight into:

  • An overview of cyber security hiring patterns.
  • Insights into the supply and demand dynamics of cyber professionals.
  • An analysis of the cyber recruitment activity.
  • Spotlight on the roles businesses are most eager to fill.
  • Valuable information for employers about salaries, and recruitment challenges.

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