How Brexit and the pandemic are shaping European governance recruitment

How to meet the changing needs of regulatory compliance

From 2016 onwards, European and UK financial services organisations have been impacted by the ramifications of Brexit, causing governance challenges from legislation to recruitment, and when the pandemic hit these challenges skyrocketed.

This disruption is still ongoing and will likely have lasting consequences for business practices across the financial services industry. In our latest report, 5 key trends shaping European governance recruitment in a post-pandemic world, we explore:

  • How European companies coped with the twin headwinds of Brexit and Covid-19
  • Key issues facing governance teams
  • The challenges of post-pandemic flexible working
  • In what ways are these trends shaping governance recruitment across the region?
  • How to find the right governance professionals for your team

By downloading this report, you will gain insight into both how to navigate the new environment of European governance, and how to build an effective governance team to meet the demands of both today and tomorrow.