Sourcing Head of Financial Crime Compliance for European Banking Group


A leading European banking group needed to recruit a new Head of Financial Crime Compliance for one of their Nordic branches however they presented a clear preference for candidates with local regulatory knowledge as well as cultural understanding, the role would have frequent and essential contact with the local regulator as they assisted in facilitating changes in policies and training.


After detailed conversations with the hiring team to understand the requirements, Financial Crime professionals within the Nordic region were assessed as part of a process of mapping out a target candidate base. The recruitment team spent additional time researching local companies and international brands with regional branches and subsidiaries to ensure the fullest view of the domestic financial services market was achieved. Targeted approaches to candidates were made and following a three-step screening and interview process by our consultants, candidates were ranked by suitability.


A shortlist of six candidates was delivered within three weeks of the new mandate being taken on. All candidates were interview by the client with three of the six taken forward to the second and third stage of the interview process. The preferred candidate was selected and successfully started in their new role 3 months later.