Sourcing A Senior Corporate and Governance Lawyer for An International Technology Group


This international technology group with a complex listing structure was keen to augment its corporate legal and governance function by appointing a senior lawyer with a strong corporate legal background and governance experience and the interpersonal skills to help drive the value that the team added to the legal function on a global basis, breaking through some of the operational barriers that had developed through an acquisition driven growth strategy.


The combination of corporate legal and governance responsibilities and the international dimensions and relationships made this a slightly unusual opportunity. Operating as the exclusive recruitment partner to the legal function, we were able to undertake an extensive database and network search and invest the time to fully qualify potential candidates to ensure that they had a clear idea as to the requirements and opportunities the Senior Corporate and Governance Lawyer position offered to enhance the prospects of the selected candidates maintaining their interest in the position throughout the recruitment process.


A shortlist of four candidates was taken to interview stage by the client which involved a higher number of interviews than usual across the business’ international operations. Two strong candidates were identified for the Senior Corporate and Governance Lawyer role. The initial offer was turned down due to a change in the candidate’s personal circumstances. The second candidate accepted the offer and has made an exceptional impact on the effectiveness of the legal function, improving the cohesiveness of the function and its ability to provide a proactive anticipatory service to the business.