Sourcing Investment Due Diligence Analyst for Major Sovereign Wealth Fund


This sovereign wealth fund has a team dedicated to analysing prospective investments from a risk management perspective to support its investment due diligence processes. The fund works to the highest international standards and demands that potential candidates are of the highest calibre. The client needed candidates with suitable in-depth experience of investment risk analysis across several asset classes, most likely from a global fund manager, sovereign fund or hedge fund.


Working on an exclusive contingent basis we set about sourcing a strong candidate by searching our extensive database of investment risk professionals who were either based in the Middle East or who had an interest in the region, and through further research and targeted online advertising using select platforms. Each identified Investment Due Diligence Analyst candidate was interviewed to ascertain their skill sets and experience, interpersonal skills and professional competencies but also their motivation for being interested in the opportunity. The client was keen that candidates were primarily interested in working for their organisation and the career development they could offer, rather than those primarily interested in an expat lifestyle.


We identified suitable Investment Due Diligence Analyst candidates from major investment organisations around the world including pension funds, sovereign funds and asset managers. Following a highly structured recruitment process that saw several good quality candidates fail a demanding assessments, a candidate with excellent experience gained from a global asset manager who was also able to demonstrate a clear commitment to pursuing a career in the region with this particular client was chosen and accepted their offer.