Information Security Manager for International Professional Services


An Information Security Manager was sought to cover a 12-month FTC maternity leave role. The client did not provide much of a brief, just an email with a job spec. The client didn’t have time to hold a meeting to deliver a briefing on the Information Security Manager position. Fortunately, we had placed the same role 18 months previously. We had a good understanding of the role, department and company and knew the skills and experience that they had sought before. Fixed term contracts present specific recruitment challenges as they do not offer the financial inducement of a day rate and do not offer long term security, the market was busy, with high levels of demand for all types of security professionals.


We searched our in-house database and promoted the Information Security Manager role via adverts, LinkedIn, and on our website. We talked all the relevant known candidates about the role. The busy market was extremely challenging, and it seemed that all suitable candidates were either already working or not interested in a fixed term contract. The client also wanted specific skill sets and lots of the available candidates were not suitable based on pre-screening calls against the client’s criteria. A concerted and consistent effort was made to keep searching for and promoting the role so that no opportunity would be missed.


Eventually, the ideal candidate was found on our database, who had last been available in 2018, four years previously. The client immediately offered her the position. Both client and candidate said they were very pleased with the process and the candidate was kind enough to recommend some of her old colleagues to get in touch to see if I could help them too. The client was grateful for the commitment shown in finding a strong candidate in such a demanding market.