Hiring A Head of Data Compliance for Commercial Tech Firm


This was a new commercial technology client for Barclay Simpson. We won the mandate pitching against multiple digital agencies, being awarded the mandate due to our data subject matter specialisation, the knowledge and insights our consultants demonstrated and our international reach. This was also a first for the client; a new role for a Head of Data Compliance in a relatively new high growth business, utilising a fully remote working environment.


We worked directly with the Chief Operating Officer to define the job description, person specification and salary, remuneration and benefits package using our extensive knowledge of the data compliance markets in the UK and Europe. Once settled, we agreed a country and company target list. It was agreed that we would use the client’s own system to track the search and recruitment process, working in real time-sharing instant feedback on candidates in-between our more traditional weekly progress call.


Working on a shared online platform facilitated a more organic and iterative recruitment process where we delivered the equivalent of four successful shortlists over a two-month period as we refined the position and progressed the candidates through a 5-stage recruitment process. The client eventually had a choice of three preferred candidates from the UK, France and Germany with the successful candidate being appointed within 3 months of commencing the assignment.