Hiring A Head of Incident Response for a European Banking Group


We were invited to exclusively partner with this high-profile banking group on a contingent search for a Head of Incident Response and Threat Intelligence. It was a difficult search due to demands of the person specification and the amount of international travel involved between London, Frankfurt and other centres across Europe and Scandinavia. The market presented additional challenges due to the exceptionally high demand for information and cyber security professionals leading to extraordinary levels of competition for candidates.


We had an existing established working relationship with this client having completed a number of searches for the Head of Incident Response function over the previous two years. We worked closely with the Head of Cyber to provide granular assistance at an early stage, delivering input to the role and person specification and then benchmarking the role, salary, terms and conditions in the context of the security profession and cyber recruitment markets across the UK and Europe.


Being involved in the early stages of the specification of the Head of Incident Response position allowed us to think about the sourcing of the role while consulting on the position itself. This meant that once everything was signed off, we were able to move very quickly and delivered an initial shortlist within 10 days. The client was fully engaged and committed to a well organised recruitment process leading to the role being offered within 2 weeks. The offer was rejected due after the candidate considered the impact of the travel on their family life. The second-choice candidate was offered, but was counter offered and decided to remain with his current employer. We reset the search process, having considered with the client the feedback from the first shortlist, and delivered a second shortlist that yielded a successful appointment.