Keep up with industry changes and get expert risk management recruitment support

As the complexity of risk management within the finance sector increases, the need to build teams of skilled professionals becomes increasingly important. Given the continuous regulatory shifts in the industry, it is important organisations understand what to look for when building their risk management teams. Barclay Simpson’s risk management recruitment services have been refined since 2002, offering over 50 years of combined experience to build your risk management team.

Our latest risk management and treasury brochure, provides a comprehensive summary of our recruitment solutions designed to meet your specific risk management and treasury needs, allowing you to remain up-to-date with the changing industry landscape.

Read our brochure to gain insights into:

• Customised recruitment solutions for risk management roles
• Expertise in risk evaluation, control, and mitigation recruitment
• Regulatory engagement and change strategies
• Detailed risk management recruitment solutions
• Insights from our global offices in London and Frankfurt

If you are looking for support in developing your risk management function or are seeking a new role in risk management, get in touch with Barclay Simpson today.