Specialised recruitment support your in-house legal and company secretarial teams

In an evolving market with the complex requirements, employers are faced with the challenge of finding qualified professionals to build specialised legal teams. This is further affected by ongoing regulatory changes and an increasing emphasis on governance.

Our Legal & Company Secretarial brochure provides a comprehensive view of the trends affecting recruitment in legal and company secretarial roles across various sectors, while giving a broad perspective on our recruitment solutions designed to meet your specific legal hiring needs.

Read our brochure to gain insights into:

  • Different specialisms in the legal and company secretarial sectors
  • Tailored recruitment solutions for permanent, temporary, and contract roles
  • Unique advantages of working with Barclay Simpson
  • Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in recruitment
  • A case study of our partnership with Women in Banking and Finance

 If you are seeking support in building your in-house legal and company secretarial functions, get in touch with Barclay Simpson today.