Build your internal audit function with expert recruitment support

The business environment is ever-changing, and so are the demands of maintaining a strong internal audit function. As businesses seek to stay competitive, the demand for specialised internal auditors grows. From cyber auditors and to regulatory & financial crime auditors, the necessity for expert recruitment support to build an effective internal audit team is higher than ever.

Our Internal Audit Assurance and Controls brochure, gives a broad perspective on our recruitment solutions designed to meet your specific internal audit needs, allowing you to keep pace with the changing business landscape.

Read our brochure to gain insights into:

  • Internal audit specialisms Barclay Simpson can support
  • The qualities defining an effective internal audit function
  • The high demand and sourcing of IT Auditors
  • The importance of change or project auditing
  • The necessity of robust Financial and IT Internal Controls

If you are seeking support in building your internal audit function, get in touch with Barclay Simpson today.