Strengthen your financial crime compliance efforts with expert recruitment support

The changing financial crime landscape requires teams of professionals who can adapt quickly to regulatory changes. Building the right financial crime team requires industry insight, expertise, and the right recruitment strategy in place.

Our Financial Crime brochure offers a comprehensive look at our bespoke recruitment services tailored to your financial crime requirements. Our seasoned team, with over 50 years of combined experience, provides a unique perspective on hiring trends, skills, and remuneration within the financial crime sector.

Read our brochure to gain insights into:

  • The importance of monitoring and testing roles
  • Advisory and Anti-Money Laundering recruitment
  • Expertise required in sanctions and anti-bribery & corruption
  • Need for skills in KYC & EDD
  • Understanding the diverse recruitment solutions available

 If you are looking for support in building your financial crime teams, get in touch with Barclay Simpson today.