Boost your application with new skills

Boost your application with new skillsThere are plenty of ways to boost your application for a new job within the financial services by improving the skills you can offer a new employer.

If you have made sure all your current experience is detailed currently on your application, but are still finding it difficult to secure that perfect job, then it may be worth taking some time to look at how to boost your appropriate skills.

Apply for an internship

One option to break into a new industry is to consider getting an internship. Many companies offer short-term positions that could help you gain valuable new skills, as well as let you have an insight into the industry before committing to a long-term career.

Of course, there is always the possibility that being successful at an internship could led to a permanent position. It is also an ideal way to network and make new relationships.

Consider a temporary contract

If a permanent position is not working out then it may worth looking at temporary contracts. It is a great way to get some extra skills to put on your CV and can help you have the chance to gain some additional experience.


Many firms may be impressed if you have some experience of volunteering and it may help to showcase your interests outside of work.

Volunteering helps you to develop new skills and improve your current abilities. It can also be an ideal way to improve your communication, leadership, teamwork and time management talents.

Do an extra course

Consider getting another qualification or taking a short course in an area that you may be lacking formal experience. There are plenty of night courses or online programmes that may allow you to show potential employers you have something to offer.

It doesn’t always need to be something work-related. Doing a language course in your spare time is one way of showing that you are committed to improving yourself and have interests outside of your day-to-day job.

Look at training opportunities that are being offered by your employers – you may find it will help revitalise your attitude to your current job or at least make you aware of what opportunities are available for career progression. Gaining extra qualifications may also offer some financial rewards so may worth doing while still pursuing that perfect job.ADNFCR-1684-ID-801781872-ADNFCR