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Arriving from overseas

Interim work is a very good way to start earning an income in a new country and to understand different business cultures. In recent years, the UK has seen an influx of interim staff from a variety of countries, particularly New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, where generally the levels of education are similar to those in the UK and many professional qualifications are recognised as being of an equivalent standing.

As the leading company in corporate governance recruitment in the UK, Barclay Simpson has helped thousands of new arrivals in the UK find jobs in all areas of
Internal Audit, Computer Audit, Risk Management, Compliance and Information Security. In addition, we are very used to helping with some of the more mundane parts of settling into a new country, such as providing introductions to banks to assist with the opening of a UK bank account. 

To discuss interim opportunities, please contact


·         Andrew Whyte for Internal Audit

·         Alex Jozsa for IT Audit

·         Chloe Bailey for Risk Management

·         Owanate Bestman for Information Security

·         Peter Whyte for Compliance


Or alternatively call 020 7936 2601 to speak to a consultant directly.


Who can work in the UK?

As the UK is a member of the EU, any EU nationals are able to work in the UK without a visa. Furthermore, individuals who were born outside the EU but have a parent that was born in the EU are able to apply for an EU passport with the attendant rights to work in the UK.

In addition, The European Economic Area Agreement grants nationals from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway the same rights to enter, live and work in any EU member state, which includes the UK, as citizens of full EU member states.

Beyond the EU, the UK has specific immigration laws for different countries, dependent on an individual country's diplomatic ties with the UK and the reciprocal relations they offer. There are two main classes of visa granting entitlement to work:

Working Holiday Visa
This is available to Commonwealth citizens, the citizens of British Dependent Territories or British Overseas citizens aged between 17 and 27 for the purpose of taking an extended holiday and undertaking employment that is incidental to the holiday. The visas are valid for 2 years of which you can work 52 weeks.

Patriality (Ancestry) Visa
This is available to Commonwealth citizens aged over 17 who have a grandparent born in the UK. These visas have no work restrictions, are valid for 4 years and allow the recipient to apply for permanent residence in the UK when the visa expires.

Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)
The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) is designed to attract highly skilled people to the UK to seek and take work. Qualification for a visa is on a points system gained from academic and professional qualifications, work experience and earnings potential. Holders of HSMP visas are allowed to travel to the UK and look for work for six months. After a qualifying period in employment, they can apply for permanent resident status. From an employer’s perspective, the HSMP moves the burden of acquiring a work permit to the potential employee. From an employee’s perspective, the scheme gives overseas applicants a previously unavailable chance to compete in the UK employment market.

For more information, visit:
The Home Office - Working in the UK

Pre-arrival preparation

Before arriving in the UK it is important to prepare. For Working Holiday or Patriality visas you will need to obtain entry clearance before travelling to the UK. Visit the Home Office website for full instructions or write to/ call:

The Joint Entry Clearance Unit
Visa Correspondence Unit
89 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TP

Before you arrive, it is advisable to
prepare a CV (résumé) to a 'UK format' and e-mail it to recruitment agencies that advertise the type of positions you are interested in. It is important to make clear what kind of experience you are seeking and the types of companies you would like to work for so that you can give the agency a clear idea of the assignments you would like to undertake. Market conditions may mean that your ideal role is not available but it will ensure that you and your recruitment consultant can have a focused discussion about your options.

When you first arrive, it is sensible to stay somewhere on a temporary basis before committing to a long-term lease that ties you to one location. While London offers the greatest concentration of interim opportunities, there are plenty of opportunities elsewhere in the UK which offer an alternative range of both professional and social experiences. If you are certain that London is the place for you, remember that London is a big city - it can be difficult to commute across and there are areas outside London that have good access to Central London, offer lower rents and will pay similar rates to London based assignments. A significant number of major internal audit departments are based on the perimeter of London or just beyond.

Interviewing and agency registration

When registering with an agency it will help if you have prepared in advance. You should take your CV, your passport for photocopying, the names and addresses (preferably e-mail addresses) of your previous employers covering the last 5 years for references, original copies of your professional qualifications and you should dress in proper business attire. It is important to treat the agency you approach as if it were an employer and the meeting not as a chat, but as a proper interview. The more professional you are in your dealings with them, the more confidence they will have in recommending you to potential employers. Telephone to make an appointment, arrive on time, look the part and be clear about what you want to do.

Having registered, it is important to keep in touch with your consultant on a regular basis. If you have received a message, return the call as soon as possible, as the temporary market moves quickly and urgent action is often required.

Once you have accepted an assignment, continue to keep in touch with your consultant. If you experience any difficulties during the course of an assignment, we are here to help and, as your assignment comes to an end, we will help you find your next role. Equally, if you are working on an interim basis whilst looking for a permanent position, we can ensure a smooth transition between the two.

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